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We're a small company with a BIG values.

At Anique we feel fashion is more than just style. As athletes, our clothes help with comfort and shelter from both the harsh sun and cold weather.


Anique believes every human being on the planet deserves to have shelter from the elements.


Kold Kids is an initiative of Anique Inc., which donates multi-functional outerwear to children living in poverty in cold climates in the United States and around the globe. 

At Anique, we are about empowering women and we believe there is nothing more important to making the world a better place than being active and helping other people. We believe in human to human kindness and Kold Kids is just that. Human to human help. 
10% of all company profits go to directly manufacturing warm clothing and outerwear for children living in cold climates and this clothing will be given to children directly from company leadership and staff. In a human to human interaction.
We believe helping each other doesn't just benefit the children in need of warm clothing, but also keeps our company rooted and remembering what fashion and outerwear is really all about.
The people who wear it are protected from the harsh sun or cold weather when they wear it. We also believe in helping not only children in the developing world but also in our own communities.
We are optimistic that, together, we can help many homeless and low-income children in Detroit and New York in 2018!
The world is our runway.