The Answers to All You Questions

Why make Anique sun shirts?

We’re equestrians who tried to find the perfect sun shirt. That quarter zip that you could wear from town to barn, keeping you cool, protected, and looking good. We found that there were no shirts that could offer all three and decided to make our own.


Using our unique Cooling Smart Yarn and seamless weave technology, Anique has developed a sun shirt that keeps you cool and protected while still being flattering for all riders. We have a serious commitment to quality from the development of our materials and design to our hand-designed zipper pull and zipper garage.

What makes our shirts special?

Boxy, unflattering sun shirts always seem like a necessary evil of summer and sunny days. With Anique sun shirts you no longer have to choose between form and function. Our shirts are flattering regardless of your shape, using seamless weave technology to create a fashion forward design we know know you’ll want to wear everywhere.

How do our shirts keep you cool?

Anique's Cooling Smart Yarn is made of a unique polymer which offers UV Protection and forms small channels to promote cooling. This Cooling Smart Yarn is ultra soft and is lab tested to decrease your body temperature and feel cooler on your skin. We carefully designed our shirts to balance ventilation and durability to keep you cool all day.

Why should you wear clothing with sun protection?

Barn days, show days, and everything in between mean long hours in the sun. We know those days mean that sunscreen just can’t keep up with you and no one wants a farm’s tan. Wearing sun protective clothing is important. Regular long sleeved shirts do not have the same sun blocking protection as those labeled with UV protection.

Where can I buy or try on Anique sun shirts?

You can always buy on our website! If you are looking to find us in person, check out our list of current retailers here. Feeling is believing with our shirts so we encourage you to come try us out!

Where can I get an idea of  how Anique sun shirts fit?

We encourage you to check out our size chart. Because of the raglan sleeves, customers with smaller shoulders should go down a size. 

I just ordered my sun shirt! How soon will my order ship?

Orders of Desert Rose and Black Swan will ship within 48 hours based on inventory in stock. All other colors will ship on or before July 30th. 

Part of my order is not available until the end of July, can you ship the colors that are available?

Yes, we are happy to break up your order in two shipments. Please email info@shopanique.com to notify our team.

I love your shirts! How do I find out about sponsorship or becoming a brand ambassador?

We love our riders too! We are currently reviewing sponsorship and brand ambassador applications. If you are interested in applying please click here, fill out the application, and we will be in touch.

I am a retailer interested in carrying Anique sun shirts in my store, how can I get in contact with you? 

We would love to hear from you about carrying Anique sun shirts in your store. Please reach out to our team by emailing: info@shopanique.com or filling out the form here.

How should I wash and care for my new sun shirt?

Machine wash cold with like colors and hang dry.