on the inside too 


it's the little things




Inspired by equestrian fashionistas and quality outdoor and athletic apparel, Anique is about activewear that makes girls feel beautiful.


Pretty girls like to play in the dirt too and at Anique we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice your sense of style to be comfortable and active.

Designed by a female equestrian for female equestrians, Anique is about the details, function and quality of our apparel. 



So you wanna know our secret recipe?

At Anique our designs have a few serious must-have's. Fit is key--designed to fit and flatter a variety of female bodies. From busty to biceps Anique's style lines and multifunctional aspects consider comfort for a variety of female athlete body types while disguising "problem areas" with angles to add visual effects for classic female silhouettes.

We all know it's about the accessories! At Anique we carefully select everything from our tags to our zippers so your look has a final touch of confetti and glamour.

We hate party poopers, and there's nothing worse than a #fashionfail to bust a perfectly good ride. We thoroughly consider the daily tasks of our designs and the functionality of our fabrics so our clothes can be as active as you.

We like our horses fast and our online shopping faster. So just another girl next door, Anique is a made in USA company. Our clothes have great energy all the way from fair labor to short delivery time.


Anique Cooling Smart Yarn helps maintain a comfortable body temperature during/after physical performance and in hot weather